Reiki is a Japanese therapy to relax, reach the highest level of well– being and heal.
The treatment is given by placing the hands on the body, directly or with some distance, and takes its source to the original vital energy; the same one that gives life, here, today, on earth.

Should we have a low level of energy, we are weaker and more disposed to come down with something, more disposed to be stressed and anxious.
At the other end, while we are up to our highest level of energy, we usually feel happy and well being.
Reiki heals and cares at three levels –  physically, emotionnally and spiritually –  generating a state of peace and a relaxed mind with this feeling of being secure and well –being.
The Universal Life Energy that is Reiki, can be accessible to everyone, no exception, whatever is your state of health, age and abilities.


–   It is not Magnetism: you don't use your own energy neither the energy of the person you treat.

–   It is not a Mystical believe: no gods, nor is it required to believe in it to make it works! No need to pray…just meditate.

–   It is not a Manipulative system: the beauty of Reiki, is at its pure definition, a healing care treatment, only if you would like to be healed! Otherwise “ Nothing happened”.

Actually, to heal, first you should want to heal. Sometimes, it implies that you will change your philosophy, values and way of life.

However, there is no “manipulation nor change of karma” from the practitioner. There is no energy cleaning, nor cosmic, no spiritism…


One session is a serie of standard or intuitive positions of hands on your body by the practitioner, letting Reiki work and flow through the hands palm.

The final objective is to simply feel well, happy and to relax.
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–   Practice regularly and you engage yourself in the healing path of well– being and high level of immunity level

–   Drastically reduce the level of anxiety and stress
–   Rise your vitality
–   Generate this feeling of peaceful and quiet
–   Treat efficiently the minor or serious illnesses, on support of other allopathic or whatever prescribed therapies
–   Provide with the urgency kit …always there in the center of your palms

Following a representative research done in March 2010, in the Reiki Centre of Singapore, here are some of the most significant results:

–   87% of the interviewed persons, said having reached a state of peace and deep following a regular Reiki treatment
–   80% of the interviewed persons, said having been happier following a regular Reiki treatment
–   80% of the interviewed persons, said having been much less stressed following a regular Reiki treatment


In this lineage there are six levels of Reiki courses.
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On regular basis, we organise activities for Reiki practitioners and you are more than welcome.
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